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Home cleaning services – kitchen
★ Clean kitchen floor (includes vacuuming and moping with hot towels)
★ Dust and vacuum area rug(s) if any
★ Clean and disinfect all counter top surfaces and back splash
★ Clean all glass doors on both sides. Clean all door hardware.
★ Scrub, disinfect and shine kitchen sink and kitchen faucet
★ Clean all appliances’ outside surface, including stove, fridge (including top of fridge), and dishwasher
★ Clean stove hood
★ Clean inside and outside microwave
★ Clean/wipe all tables and chairs
★ Remove spider webs (low and high corners)
★ Dust and wipe ceiling fans
★ Clean and wipe kitchen cabinets and cabinet hardware
★ Clean/dust/wipe windowsills
★ Clean baseboards
★ Empty trash cans and dispose of trash in outdoor trash bins
★ Clean and disinfect electrical light switches

Home cleaning services – bathrooms
★ Clean and disinfect toilets
★ Clean and wipe vanity surfaces
★ Clean and wipe cabinets surface and hardware
★ Scrub, clean and shine sink and faucet
★ Clean tubs and shower surround walls. Scrub and shine valve
★ Clean all mirrors
★ Organize bathroom towels as needed
★ Vacuum, mop and disinfect (with a hot towel) bathroom floors
★ Remove spider webs in low and high corners
★ Clean baseboards
★ Dust and clean windowsills
★ Empty trash cans and dispose of trash in outdoor bins

Home cleaning services – bedrooms 
★ Change linen and make bed (if applicable)
★ Vacuum carpeted areas and mop (with hot towel) other floor surfaces
★ Dust and vacuum area rugs
★ Dust and wipe ceiling fans
★ Clean mirrors
★ Wipe and dust furniture (top, sides and legs), picture frames, hanging wall art and lamp shades
★ Dust windowsills
★ Clean baseboards
★ Dust all horizontal surfaces as needed

Home cleaning services – common living areas

★ Vacuum, mop and disinfect floors
★ Vacuum sofa and fluff up pillows
★ Dust and wipe ceiling fans
★ Clean all glass doors on both sides. Clean all door hardware
★ Dust and wipe furniture (top, sides and legs), lamp shades, fireplace, and other horizontal surfaces ★ Clean all mirrors
★ Remove spider webs in both low and high corners
★ Dust all lamp shades
★ Vacuum, mop and disinfect hallways and stairs
★ Vacuum all carpeted areas and rugs (and surface underneath the rugs)
★ Dust and wipe windowsills
★ Clean baseboards